our story

Marni Bond & Coty Cocallas are close and creative friends who share a love of fashion and embrace the thoughtful art of sending hand-written notes. Together, they embarked on a journey to blend their artistic and entrepreneurial talents with a sense of elegant fun.

Coty expresses her artistic talents through her fashion sketches, capturing the many moods and personalities of her ‘subjects’. By day, Coty is a successful marketing executive; at night, she is busy creating a portfolio of inspired illustration now known as ‘The Girls’. After personalizing a series of gift tags for family and friends last year, Coty received delighted and enthusiastic interest from the recipients. Everyone wanted more!

Marni’s energy and talents have been directed at developing a number of successful businesses. Her abilities, insight, and personal flair have branded her efforts with a unique and aspirational signature. Marni fell in love with Coty’s sketches and envisioned a way for Coty to introduce ‘The Girls’ to the world.

‘The Girls’ reflect who Coty & Marni are and they’ll reflect who you are, too. We can’t wait for you to meet them!